Purification ritual
Purification ritual

* The practical and sufficient
* The best
* Wisdom-silver lining

Way or ways to foster mental and spiritual is legion. The road is certain is closer to Allah SWT and mengekalkannya called worship. One chain of worship that is Wudu '.

Ablution Water Uses

* For all kinds of prayers is obligatory.
* To Thawaf at the Kaaba, thawaf anything, is obligatory.
* When going to read Al-Qur'an Sunnah legal
* When going to bed or other good deeds, legal Sunnah

The Used Equipment

The instrument used is water. However, water used for ablution 'is a holy water again purified (sense?), Namely: Precipitation, Well Water, River Water, Sea Water, Water from the eyes of Water, Water Lake, Lake Water, Air Ais, piped water .


Intend to myself that unlicensed wudoo 'for ..., then:

* Washing the face with water (just once provided equitably to the entire face)
* Basuhlan hand up to her elbows (just once home evenly.)
* Sebahagian rub your head, just once
* Basuhlan feet to up to the ankles (only once a home uniform).

When treated as above, then the wudu 'is valid.

Wudoo 'a more perfect

If you want to perform ablution 'more perfect, the perfect outward and also perfect in discipline, then do it tabahan-enhancements in the following manner:

1. Begin by saying Bismillaahir rahmaanir Raheem ...

2. Menghadaplah towards mecca

3. Try ablution 'by not requesting the help of others, such as bail, and so forth.

4. Wash your fingers with menyelat-nyelatinya. And for the ringed fingers, watches or jewelry are worn on other fingers, open the jewelry for the water to evenly wet all over your fingers.

5. Rinse his mouth.

6. Please insert water into the nose, then keluarkanlah return (istinsyaq).

7. Brush your teeth to remove food scraps and bad breath are less tasty.

8. Start with the right wudhu'yang member.

9. Repeat each one up to three times (3X).

10. Ratakanlah water to wet the entire members of the wudu '

11. When the rake head, smooth it all (put your thumb left and right side of his head, then turn the palm of the hand from front to back, then back to the front (just once).

12. Wash the ear by inserting index finger into the ear hole, thumb behind the ear.

13. When finished ablution ', confronted face to the Qibla direction and pray by reading:

ASYHADU an laa ilaaha illalaahu ASYHADU anna Muhammadan wa 'wa abduhu Rasuuluh, Allahummaj'alnii interest tawwaa biinaa waj'alnii mutathahhiriin minal.

I bear witness that No God but Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is indeed His servant and His apostles. Oh god, put me down among those who repent, and make me go down among people who are holy.

14. Do voluntary prayer wudu 'two raka'at.

Canceling Things Ablution '

1. Quit something from "double door" behind such waste wind (fart), or small bowel, menstruation or childbirth, and sebaganya.

2. Missing sense (kerana sick, drunk, crazy and so on).

3. Intercourse.


"Whenever a Muslim or a believer is ablution, then he washed his face, then out of his face that all sins are seen by the eyes with water or with the last bead of water. When he washed his hands, then out (expelled) all sins are touched by both hands with water or together with the latest incarnation of the water. When he washed his feet, then sirnalah all the sins that ever lived by his feet with water or with the last incarnation of the water, making out (finished) in a clean state of sin- sin. " (Hr Imam Muslim from Abu Hurairah).

Ablution Water

Ablution is one of the typical worship that could be used for prayer, thawaf, going to bed, walk out of the house, and keep body and soul from various disabilities.

Ablution with clean water and pure means to pursue a traditional cosmetics and natural anti-biotic, kerana, Islam does not condone musta'mal ablution with water (slop), water fruits, roots or water that has been changing its properties ( color, taste and smell). As previously explained, is that unlicensed ablution washing face, washing his hands until the two elbows, sweep the head, and wash the feet up to two ankles that begins with the intention of the heart.

The late Buya Hamka, through his book "Living Institution" writes about the ablution as follows:

"Five times a day and night at least ordered to perform ablution and pray. And although it has not been off the ablution, Sunnah also renew it. The experts also explained the wisdom of Sufism that ablution. Washing your face, wash ertinya eyes, nose, mouth and tongue, in case the act was sin when he saw, said and ate. Washing hands with water, the heart feels as if washing hands already done wrong. Washing the feet, and others as well. They do wisdom-wisdom that, although in the Hadith and not the argument meeting, is that humans do not clean up the outer, inner while still dirty. His heart was still khizit, greedy, greedy, greedy, so wudhunya five times a day was not spotting acceptable to God, and sembahyangnya not distanced from the fahsya (vile) and unjust ( hated). "

Writers' Institute of Living "intentionally weave virtue ablution with body health and hygiene issues, then connected with the words of the Prophet Muhammad saw He writes:

"It's not looking for praise we live, nor to most of us in all things. Although it does not we are looking for, if we keep clean, we will respect people also." As word of the Prophet: "Perbaguslah clothes, fix a mount (vehicles) you, so you like a mole in the middle of the cheek, in association with the crowd."

God s.w.t. reduce revelation, giving guidance and spiritual guide for both permanent physical functioning and maintained.

S.a.w Prophet said:

"Verily, the Prophet never went to the cemetery, and then gave salutation:" Dara Assalamu'alaikum Qaumin (township believers) and God willing we will catch up later, I really want to see my brother. "Said the friend:" Are we not this is your brother O Messenger of Allah? "Yes, you are my friend, and my brothers who have not come now." Friend again asked: "How you can recognize those who have not come now from ummatmu O Messenger of Allah?" Messenger s.a.w. He said: "What do you think if a horse has a white striped face and legs, in the midst of an all black horse, would not easily recognize his horse?" The friend replied: "Yes O Messenger of Allah." "Then later my ummah will be in the Day of Judgement luminous face and legs as the former ablution, and I will guide them into the Haudh (Telaga Syafa'at)"

Light, Hygiene and Life

In the sacred ablutions are light, cleanliness and life. Water former (mus'tamal) or tersadur impure, would become a source of illness, bad for the physical, chemical, or biological. Islam also forbids such ablution with water. Water as vital for life. The Qur'an gives an explanation that free life begins from the water, as mentioned in the word:

"And we have created every living thing from water, if they do not want too believe?" (Al-Anbiya: 30).

Things Not Cancelling Ablution

Lots of people think the act of ablution cancel, but does not. For example, a worker who berpalitan with oil and oil, think of water and wudhunya rosak wudhunya been canceled, but it is not, while that proved to be underestimated wudhunya cancel. Some of the things that does not invalidate ablution, among others:

1. Touching between men and women of full age, without layers, as long as it does not contain the intention of lust and no profanity. In a hadith it is stated:

'A'ishah said: One night I lost the Messenger of Allah from the bed, then terabalah by palms on the soles of his feet which are both in a state of standing, and the Holy Prophet was prostrating, reading: Allaahumma innii a'udzu biridhaaka, min sakhatika, wa a 'uudzu bimu' aafaatika min uquubatika, a'uudzu bika minka wa laa uhshiitsanaa'an 'alaika anta kamaa atsnayta' alaa nafsika. " (Reported by Muslim and At Turmuzy).

Which meaning of prayer: "O Allah, I seek refuge with ridhaMu from murkaMu, take cover under naunganMu; brevity I seek refuge to You from you. There is no puja-pujiku counted for You. You as hymns for Yourself alone."

"I'm sleeping in front of the Messenger of Allah, is my foot in the direction of Qibla. And when he fell down, dirabanya me and held my feet." While the others mentioned in the wording: "And if he will bow down, my legs, dirabanya". (HR Bukhary and Muslim, Aisha source)

2. Bleeding from unusual places, such as injuries, not from qubul or rectum.

3. Kerana vomiting

4. Kerana eating and drinking. As mentioned in the hadith the prophet:

"Manimunah r.a. said:" The Messenger s.a.w. have been eating at her house with a grill goat, then the Messenger of Allah prayer immediately without renewing ablution. "(HR Bukhary and Muslim).

5. Exposed to all kinds of unclean or other impurities. Not eliminate the odious wudu ', he only cleaned enough alone.

6. Touched genitals without other purpose. As mentioned in the hadith:

"That free a man asked the Messenger of Allah about the people who touched his cock, whether he must perform ablution? Messenger of Allah said:" No, he is part of the body itself ". (HR Expert Five Hadith)

Perosak Tayammum

Tayammum a substitute for ablution or bathing. Kerana it, he may rosak or canceled if:

1. Immediately see the water and can use it (especially for those who bertayammum kerana no water).

2. Everything wudoo '.

Other things to note are:

1. One time Tayammum can be used for some prayer or tawaf, whether mandatory or circumcision.

2. Where to get water, when prayer was done with Tayammum, then solatnya not need to be repeated again.

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