Detecting All Qalbu good health (Heart)

Detecting Qalbu good health (Heart)

And few signs of heart health, by Imam Ibn Qayyim "Al Qaeda in the book that Jauziyah ¡Ighatsatul end Mashayid Lahfan Syaithan ash. ¡° and labels the opportunity to choose between what is useful and provide treatment. No choice is a dangerous thing to make the heart sick. As signs of heart disease is the opposite. Meals and most useful is the foundation of faith and medicine is the most effective and Al - Quran ¡| File. Moreover, heart health and the following characteristics:

1.Mengembara of future generations

Heart Health tourism in the world after death, seem to get there. So I think it should be like people in the afterlife and the elderly. He came into this world as a stranger, who only have and will quickly return to his homeland. ¡Yeni shallallhu wasallam alaihi prophet "as a foreigner in this or (pilgrims) who approach the world through you." (Bukhari)

When the heart of healthy people, and then fluctuated around their faces, and said that in the future, and near it is as if you become a resident. At the same time when the patient has heart, it is filled with the importance of the world, and that this is the eternal state that is already an expert, the extent of his servant.

For God Wata 2.Mendorong ¡| Los Angeles

Other indicators of heart health is to always encourage owners to return to God ¡Watts | Los Angeles, and presented to him. It just depends on God, love him as a man, I love my girlfriend. Not life, happiness and joy, and enjoy with the exception only of God, closed and positive attitude of his consent. I feel calm and relaxed with God, and to hide it, happy, bertawakkal it alone, trust, hope and fear of God.

Then, the heart is always invited and encouraged the search for peace and tranquility along with the worship of God. Even if this feeling is real life, the spirit of fun and different life than the other, not the lack of a vibrant, far from the purpose of human creativity. That Allah Wata menghamba ¡Mission | No, this is the creation of heaven and hell, and sent messengers and books.

Abu Hussein told Al-Warraq, "his heart is much the nature of life than ever before in honor of the dead, and the fun of living life with God, not him."

Therefore, God cut watts People ¡| alaƒnlebih For those who do not know the wisdom of the catastrophic death, cut off from God because it is a fundamental right to pieces, and their fellow human beings die cut.

Boring men 3.Tidak

Never be bored between the heart-healthy, to revive the man of God Wata ¡Memory | Los Angeles. Never be bored to serve him, not happy, and other busy, but I see people on the street, and people who remind him of Allah Wata ¡| or Allah reminds framework set out in his other.

4. Unfortunately, if you run

In his heart a sign of health if I miss, miss men and wirid, then he is very sorry and sad, were kidnapped feel lost their grief.

5. Flying worship

A heart and worship God always menghamba watts ¡Desire | categories also missed the food and beverage products.

6.Khusyu in prayer

Heart health, when he prayed, and then left all desire and what is secular. For prayer concerns, eager to do so, and found them to pray for peace and enjoyment. Pray for their happiness and air conditioning is the heart and soul.

7.Kemauannya only to God

Heart health, only one will, that's all, God bless ¡Watts | Los Angeles.

8. Save time

Signs of a Healthy Heart thin (unfortunately) a useless waste of time, which is more than property kikirnya account.

9. Reflection and self-

Always attached great importance to heart health and the continuous improvement of charity, more than concern about the charity itself. In an effort to improve their continued dedication to charity, and hope to give advice, mutaba'ah (control) and charities (if God see Wata ¡| worship Allah, and I always see God). In addition, he is concerned about ¡Allah Wata | style and shortcomings, their rights meetings.

Also, in many of the phenomena and properties in which the heart-healthy people.

It can be concluded that healthy, happy heart himmah heart (place) God ¡Watts | Los Angeles and perfect love makes it a target. The spirit of his body, God's way, and only there to sleep. And all these blessings of God more than he loves any other conversations, his thoughts are always what is luck, I love it.

Berkhalwah (separately) Remember Allah Wata ¡| More than she likes to spend time with people in addition to the love and blessings to the Association, Los Angeles. Happiness and peace with God when he finds himself in addition to Allah, and then immediately said to him,
Ø ¡calm spirit. Return to your Lord was with him again diridhoi pleased his heart. (Qur'an 89:27-28)

Always repeat the verses, he will be heard in the main hope of resurrection. Finally, my heart is with God, and the right color sibghah Sesembahannya (hair) the nature of slavery. Even the nature and characteristics of a true servant of worship, not to become a heavy burden into a pleasure. He is the love of a sense of admiration and love close to their Lord.

Run the command and its basic prohibition, so that his heart and said:. "I answer your call, I am filled with joy, I hear and obey, and you do have rights and deserve praise, because that's just Mo ¡°.

If there is a fate to fall on him and said:. "I am your servant, the poor and need you, I am your servant and poverty and stunt you are my God, the merciful, I can not have patience, if not help my patients, not me helpless, if not menanggungku, give me strength, but did not give me pressure, but only you, nobody can help me but only you and I have nowhere to turn away from your door, nowhere to run. ¡¯

It shows all the watts for Allah ¡| Los Angeles, she just leaned toward him. If something happens to her, she does not like, she said: "We have given me a blessing, drugs, it is a grantor who loves me the essence of therapeutic benefit." If he loses his favorite things, so she said: "ugly sides are deleted."

May Allah ¡Wata | Los Angeles reform all our heart disease, protection, damage and destruction, Amen.

Source: Security Mawaridul Ighatsatil Lahfan Select Al Grey - Fi is Mashayid Syaithan, composer Xiehehasang Ben Ali Ben Ali Halabi.

Truth supply and obligations of every Muslim. We have the opportunity to preach this message is to present to our brothers who do not know.
May God Almighty reaction worship of your charity. Aamiin

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