Qalbu Harden Because Far From God

Qalbu Harden Because Far From God

Al Ustadz Qomar Saidi beginning Labor Law
New Oasis 14-8 months - 2003 06:17:50

Almighty God said:
"Woe to the man of God so hard heart. Good luck in the real mistake."

Who is not God punish the hard disk on the server rather than your heart by God Almighty other LBH great. The group was formed in order to soften the hard light from the fireplace. Heart away from God's justice as the most prominent heart if your heart and eyes are difficult to understand the harsh and dry. Heart caused by these four things are hard to come out of needs: food, sleep, talk and interaction.

As if the authority does not apply to return evil for good food and drink useful as well as heart disease, if infected, Mong Kok, impulses and desires of the spirit of the sick through the implementation of consultancy.

Who wants to purify the mind of one member of the Council must give priority to God and my soul impulse.

As the heart stops beating, it will be attached to the Almighty Allah wa only wish the idea of hanging heart.

Many people are flashing the center of the busy world. They must have the Almighty God and future generations remember the Wa God and his walk signs look like, will benefit from the meaning of the word of wisdom busy heart of rare and beautiful and smart that the new benefit - is useless. If the heart to eat and ideas that have seen a miracle, inspired by human wisdom, and poured Damage cleaning.

Unable to decorate the knowledge and wisdom of everyone, and DLM contract will factions. But when you start and stop your heart desires.

For those who do not have the heart to kill members of the board out of the flesh, the wisdom of the tongue.

Krn legal tender heart of hearts feel safe krn neglected and the fear of Almighty God and men prosperity. If you feel a Mong Kok food, she would sit in the face of the court later ascetic heart. Conversely, if he is happy the court, he will miss the next one.

Desire to see Hua Zhengyi breeze Almighty God, who broke the world from the heart with cold star. Any person who is the main part of the heart will feel calm and peace. Who released the heart, he will become desperate.

Remember! Love of God will not mind wet, love eye of a needle in the camel, unless the world.

If the love of Almighty God Almighty God and the guardian of MEPs will choose the same Wa Nemat Nemat her gift for him, he will choose one of the slave, a slave will only hope God. Always wet mouth he often refers to the use of my limbs obey him.

This can damage and physical pain of repentance and justice and treatment. Heart can light rust as a mirror, and with justice. Heart naked body and clothes can also be pious beauty. It may be hungry heart, as you know, food and beverages and judicial prosecutorial Chinese noble love of God and the humble confession of his resignation.

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