Alloh Attributes of world

Alloh Attributes of world- Alloh is world and God is the proper name of God, but we know that it is generally through his property. These characteristics describe how God is showing. attributes to God are the hearts of countless people since it is impossible to understand every aspect of the Supreme. Chat Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), so the name Hong Allah called Al Asmaul-most name. In the Holy Quran we read: "Only God and all attributes of the perfect call these people, those who are alone at home on the property off the right way ..." (7:181).

"Allah - there is no God but his life, survival and self-sustainability of sleep do not get no sleep, only to belong to him both in heaven and earth, who will negotiate with him, unless he is allowed to I know what it is? before them and behind them, they are: something different from his knowledge, he wanted to know what Heaven and Earth and spreads the burden he did not care, it is the most advanced "(2:256) .

God is the light of the world. This lamp is bright celestial light, which is light. Light in the bottle. What are the shining stars of glass. It is Lifu You tree - olive - not the east or west, the oil will be entirely broadcast, although the fire was almost hit him in the light not.Light! Who is God to direct light. Analogy to clarify Allah Allah knows all rights and full of light is switched into or give housing to be collected, this may be God, and I remember his name here on all sides, morning and evening (24:36 - 37)

"God, no other God but he and The World Unseen and seen, most merciful and Merciful.He God, no God other than he and sovereignty of the Holy Spirit, source of peace and security Wahab, defender, Aziz Kahar. Dear God Jerusalem is much higher than those they agree with him, his God is the Creator, the Creator, and photographer. He is the most beautiful things in the name of the whole world celebrate him, he is almighty, wise .. (59 :23-25)

Described Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him): Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Allah Hong names per cent, and those who remember that they are all from the heart will enter Paradise . (Bukhari, Book of Tauhid.

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