Benediction NURBUAT

One of the prayer that God revealed to have many benefits is the Benediction Nurbuat (Nurul Nurbuwah / khotamun Nubuah), the main requirement to practice for mutazab with applicable upright. According to history, that the Messenger of Allah after Fajr Prayer perform with his friend sat in the mosque. Then came the angel Gabriel, saying: "I have been sent by God to bring Benediction Nurbuat to be handed to you (Prophet)."

According to the statement delivered by Imam At Turmuzi radi 'anhu that:

Whoever view or look at the "Khatamun Nubuwwah" was his ablution 'at dawn, Allah will keep him until the evening. And he who view him at the time of maghrib then maintained well until the morning. Likewise, whoever menilek him at the beginning of the month Allah will keep him out of all the reinforcements and the accident until the end of that month. Furthermore, those who menileknya him when about to walk (travelers) would be along the journey was blessed and safe. Whoever dies in that year then certainly be turned off, being a believer of God Almighty, God willing, but must believe wholeheartedly in God Almighty and at least berselawat upward Great Lord Allah's Apostle, Prophet Muhammad SAW as much as 33 times or 313 times a day to get kerahmatan, blessed, keredhaan, guidance, leadership, guidance and mercy of Allah Insha Allah.

Benediction NURBUAH

"Bismillaahir rohmaanir rohiim. Cor dzisshulthanil adheem. Wa dzil mannil qadim wa wa dzil wajhil kariim waliyyil kalimaatit tammaati wad da'awaati mustajaabati 'aaqilil Hasani wal Husaini min anfusil Haqqi' ainil qudrati wannaazhirinna wa 'ainil Jinni wal insi wa in yakadul ladziinna kafaruu la yuzliquunaka bi-abshaarihim Lamma sami'udz dzikra wa wa maa yaquuluuna innahu lamajnuun illa Huwa dzikrul lil 'wa aalamiina mustajaabu luqmanal hakiimi. wa waritsa sulaimaanu daawuda 'alaihimas waduudu Dhul al salaamu' arsyil majiidi thawwil 'umrii wa shahhih ajsadii waqdhi haajatii aktsir amwaalii wa wa wa aulaadii habbib linnaasi ajma'in Watabaa' fair 'wata adaa kullahaa min banii aadama' alaihis salaamu wa man kaana Hayya yahiqqal qaulu 'alalkaafiriina waqul jaa wa al haqqu zahaqalbaathilu Innal baathila kaana zahuuqaa. Minal nunazzilu qur'aani Wa maa-uw wa Huwa syifaa Rahmatul lil mu'miniina. Wa laa yaziidu zhaalimiina illaa khosaaron. Subhaana rabbika rabbil 'Izzati' ammmaa yashifuuna Peace wa 'alal murshaliina hamdu wal lillahi rabbil' aalamiin. "


"O Allah, Who has the power Substance great, who has a gift of the foregoing, has the noble faces, mastering the perfect sentences, and prayers are efficacious, Hasan and Husayn insurer of the souls of truth, from the eye which looked, from the human eye and the jinn. And verily the Unbelievers will really derail you with their views, when they heard the Quran and they say: "Verily he (Muhammad) is really a crazy person, and there is no it all but as a warning to the entire universe. God who hears prayer Luqmanul judges and bequeath Solomon son of David as Allah is the Most Compassionate Substance longer have the Throne of Honor, panjangkanlah my age, my body healthier, turn down hajatku, perbanyakkanlah bendaku property and my son, cintakanlah all humans and put away the hostility of the descendants of Prophet Adam, the people who are still alive and hopefully fixed threat of punishment for unbelievers. And say: "The haq has come and falsehood has perished, indeed vanity cases that it must perish." And We send down from the Koran that a bidder and a mercy for those who believe, and Al-Quran will not add to people who do injustice but only losses. Glory to God your Lord God Almighty Lord of the properties which were supplied by the infidels. And hopefully the safety of the Apostles. And all praise be to Allah the Lord of Hosts. "

In addition to prayer rather than declining nubuwwah he also recognize as; prayer or prayer nurbuwat nurbuat also prayer and prayer nurbuah nurbuwah, depending on the tribe to follow loghat both in Malaysia and Indonesia. Nurun Nubuwwah prayer in which many say has properties and very stunning to anyone who likes to read and practice it with a sincere heart really kerana Allah. And among the properties-properties are as follows;

Benefits contained in the prayer Nurbuat among others:

• intent to come true, if read after fardlu pray regularly.

• Can be met with Jin, can change form.

• Able to heal the animals that deform when read out at the animal.

• Can be forgiven of our sins, if read when the sun sets.

• Can be cherished by the enemy, if you read when going out of the house.

• Can be a guard house of the disorder genie, magic, witchcraft and other hazards, if it is written and stored in the house.

• Can save pest attack, if it is written and then placed on the plant.

• Able to drive out the genie of haunted places, if it is written and put in place.

• Able to world prosperity akhirta if read every day on a regular basis.

• Can be away from kufr and immoral acts if read 50 times every Friday night.

• It can show things that are beautiful, if read 100 times on Saturday night.

• Can offer sea water, if read then blown in the sea water.

• Can ageless if the public every Saturday night

• Can the safety of life if read every night Monday.

• May strengthen the body if the public every Tuesday night.

• It can strengthen your teeth if read every night Wednesday.

• It can make the face look more handsome / beautiful if you read every night Thursday.

• Able to tame a wild animal if it is read on the animal's ear.

• Able to meet the Prophet Muhammad in a dream when read 100 times before bed.

• It can cure all diseases if read on coconut oil and smeared on the relief.

• Can be loved by the authorities, if public officials each day.

• Able to walk long distances, if read out at the betel leaf which met last ruasnya diioleskan throughout the body and both legs.

• Able to meet with the king of the jinn when read at midnight in the sacred state.

• Can the safety of the battle if the public when leaving combat.

• Acceptable lamaranya if read quiet place after noon fasting.

• Able to facilitate the birth if read out in a glass of water and then drinking from the mother who will give birth.

• Able to heal the pain in your eyes when read and then blown in the eyes of the sick.

• Able to cure the bite of venomous animals when read and then blown on the bite.

• Can be glory in society if the public regularly every day.

• Can eliminate hostility when read as much as possible

* There are still many properties that contained the Benediction Nurbuat


Meet the Prophets.

Rasulullah SAW said: "He who wants to meet with the Prophet, then read the prayer Nubuwwah Nurun as much as a hundred times, then sleep, God willing will be a dream to meet with the Prophet, in addition, anyone who saw it would put love, and should not stopped in this Nubuwwah Nurun mewiridkan prayer until children and grandchildren.

Protectors of Witchcraft.

In riwayatkan, that unlicensed Rasulullah SAW said after the Fajr prayer when sitting with friends at the Grand Mosque, all of a sudden came the angel Gabriel as Nurun Nubuwwah bring prayer, saying: "O Messenger of Allah, I have been sent by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to submit this prayer to thee / Prophet". Furthermore, he said: "Prayer is a lot of Nurun Nubuwwah usefulness if in reading and diamalkan. And if it can not be read or memorized, then enough is written, then the text is stored in the house, then God will always provide protection to the inhabitants of the house of magic / sorcery or disease.

Reached urination.

Anyone who read and practice this prayer after each prayer istiqamah at least once, then God willing hajatnya nothing would be accomplished.

If there is a queen / king who wanted to be a priest (who a lot of science) then with the blessing of this prayer God willing will be successful.

Similarly, if any pastor who wants to be Mayor of God, so with this prayer thanks God willing will be successful.

Honored person

Rasulullah SAW said, "If you want to be glorified by others, then read Nurun Nubuwwah Prayer."


Whenever you want to approach the king / minister or the person who held the rank or hanging out with everybody so please read this prayer on every day at least once, Insha-Allah all the people you approach it will put affection.

Apply women.

Whenever you want to apply a woman, then fasted day and night do not sleep, then read this prayer continually in a quiet place, Insha-Allah accept your application.

Safety for people fighting

Where there are people who argue, is you want melerainya then read this prayer, Insha-Allah those who fight it will stop and eventually forgive each other.

The enemy became afraid

When you go to war (Fisabilillah), read this prayer, Insha-Allah is not in chasing the enemy, even the enemy will flee helter-skelter when meeting with you.

Treasure world.

Whenever you want to treasure the world, then read this prayer in turmeric (turmeric white / retrieval) and Plant in the ground, Insha-Allah will be gold, but do not talk or tell anyone else.

Strong current

Whenever you want a strong running, read the prayer at the meeting ruasnya betel leaf, then sapukanlah from head to toe, Insha-Allah you will be strong to walk though the extent to which you travel that journey.

Saviour of spirits disorders.

When the prayer was written Nurun Nubuwwah on paper and the note was in place at the plant, Insha-Allah these plants will be safe from pests, when in place on a scary places or in places occupied by the devil or demons, or ghosts and spirits all sorts of ghosts, then very soon they will move on without going back again.

Mengubat from the possession.

Where there are people in rasuk ghost, devil and jin, or crazy, then how mengubatinya is read out to the oil and brush to the body ..

King of Jin.

Whenever you want to bring the king of the jinn, read this prayer a hundred times as much in a state not berhadas (holy), holy both body and place, then entered in a deserted place on Friday night. Insha-Allah you will be met by the king of the jinn.

Jin encounter.

An amazing miracle if any genie who wanted to resemble human beings, then so is he man of prayer because of His blessings Nubuwwah Nurun this, so any man if you want to see the genie, it is the practice of prayer.

Morbidity Healer.

Whenever there is a sick person, then read this prayer in the oil (palm oil / sesame oil), then brush on a sore place, God willing will be quickly cured.

Snakebite antidote

Where there are people bitten by snakes, or taxable stings by venomous animals, or taxable toxins and other disease, then recite the prayer at the site of the bite or sting that exposed it, Insha 'Allah will recover quickly.

Sore eyes

Whenever there is a sick person's eyes, then read this prayer and then breathed in the ailing eye. Insha-Allah will recover quickly.

Difficult birth.

Whenever there is a difficult birthing woman, then read this prayer in the waist or a white bowl containing water, and the water is drunk, God willing the baby will soon come out with no difficulties suffered by the mother.


When going to rain on a journey, so you do not rain, then read the prayer, Insha-Allah did not rain.

Animals defect

If there is an animal that was read will be handicapped by the animal sempurnalah

Dodge pest attack on crops

If installed / placed on the plant, Insha-Allah congratulations from all pests

Brackish water into fresh

When you go yachting boat ride, then there you run out of water to drink, then read this prayer in the sea water, Insha-Allah the original sea water so salty it turned into a bargain and you can drink.

Saviour seksa hell.

When this prayer be read every day, it will be saved from hell seksa, happy world of the afterlife and avoid the temptations of the devil.

In reading on Saturday night Want a beautiful dream.

Whenever you want a beautiful dream, then read this prayer on Friday night, as many as a hundred times, God willing, will be achieved.

In reading on Sunday night Younger

Whenever you read on a Saturday night, then you can stay young despite advanced age.

On reading the night Isnin Giving safety.

Whenever you read on the night of Monday, then God will give salvation to you, kept away from catastrophe.

On reading the night of Tuesday-powerful Being

Whenever you read on Tuesday night, then you will be strong, and furthest from the disease.

In reading on Wednesday night a strong bite

Whenever you read on the night of Wednesday, then your teeth will be strong, and furthest from the disease.

In reading on Thursday night Penurious face.

Whenever you read on Thursday night, then you grow beautiful face so many women are captivated.

In reading on Friday night became obedient animal.

Whenever you read on Friday night, then all the wild animals will be obedient to you. If this prayer in the reading as much as 50 times, insha-Allah will be spared than Kufr, heresy, and kept away from the work of evil.

Read when the sun about to set-forgiven sin

If the reading when the sun about to set, then God will forgive all her sins.

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