Adab Pray and Prayer Diijabahnya Terms

Fortunately, all hearing people complain highest Menacing prayer petitions to take care of all the rich, sad voice, calling her generous necessary for all biological and compassion, kindness, and for those who suffer. May peace and praise of our Lord always intercultural peace Mohammed that he and his family is sacred (SA).

Prisai and hands of the believers to pray, pray and cry of the castle is a weapon. Considering that the Messenger of Allah said: "Prayer is the foundation of worship, no one will die with a prayer" Biharul Anwar, 93:300)

Messenger of Allah is not so much to collect all the high and solemn prayer and life.

Almighty Allah says: "No, I created the jinn and humans only to worship Me" (Adz-Dzariyat/51: 56).

This verse means to achieve our goal to become something else in the world but to pray to God Almighty. Prayer is the foundation of worship.

Almighty Allah says:

"Please pray for me Kuperkenankan sure, but people who boast of worship, the case will go to hell Untouchables" (Al-Mukmin/40: 60).

This verse, Allah Almighty says prayer and worship emphasis on conflict things: prayer and pride. Namely:

First: describes a man who knew his servant Lord and that he is his servant, the convergence relationship with the Creator.

II: Description of the location of the proud heart, arrogant stubborn wet periods, and the sinners and the wicked, which is very different, people feel recognized, in the first surface.

With a clear sense of who insults the human role in reducing the life of prayer, and then was at first. People who are arrogant, do not know. In fact, the Messenger of Allah said: "Who knows himself knows his Lord."

And explain the importance of this beloved worship Almighty God is the most important thing is prayer. Since the objective of worship is to draw closer to God and the power of God, recognize the right of any person to be unique, to humble themselves before him, I believe that all their needs in the hands of God, heaven and land owner malakut, if he does not give a person who can stop when he was arrested no one else who can give him, no one can deny the power of fate, but it failed.

No clear expression of intention, as in prayer. When it wasilah prayer to express their grief and sadness and deep feelings of inner journey, in the present and future.

In the circumstances as a form of worship, this is the most obvious and most perfect. And the country which is a favorite servant of God Almighty. Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS): "The most beloved of God, pray for charity."

If interest rates a matter of Islam, to be sure, he was appointed artistic art and conditions to be perfect people harvest results.

Also in case the problem with prayer and Islam was introduced into the human literature adabnya, or even get a result you will feel happy and calm when faced with internal peace, Almighty God springs. To confirm that this is a rumor all Menacing. Bertelsmann and good manners to him as his employee should receive his attention.

Islam and humanity of those conditions, so proper prayer, prayer will affect your life, sooner or later, and immediately or tetunda.

We hope that this book can lead to the ideals and expectations. Mengkhusukkan liver are mentadharru'kan. Loss of tranquility and peace in our lives and our families. Amen Ø Rabbal flag.

In fact, prayer
Adab Pray and Prayer Diijabahnya Terms
Almighty Allah says:

"When religious poem for me, then (answer), I'm very close. I menacing people who lead worship, when he prayed for me. So Natural (phone) I have to believe me, they always direction "(Qur'an: 186).

Found expression of content and meaning of the verse structure, the most sensitive of the most beautiful language. Almighty God to use the word "I" not used "he" and so on. This shows much attention to the forces of his servant coming.

Expression, said: "My servant" and that the focus of prayer Almighty God. This verse does not use the same answer, namely: "If my servants ask me ... I'm actually very close," In addition to using the word "truth" and the word "qarib". This shows that when a slave prayed to his God is very close to it, though it is always close.

If approved, this verse uses "ficil mudhari" (verb in present and future). This implies that the servant of God present and future mengijabah prayer when he prayed.

Means "I pray that people mengijabah pray for me," This seems to limit his consent. The most important thing is to pray God Almighty to his servant of God mengijabah prayer, if prayer really. This is the meaning of his words:

"Pray for me, I'm sure your prayers approval." (Al (insured: 60)

In poetry there is something very important and profound changes and to inform us of the importance of prayer accepted, and the number of attention to prayer. This is repeated seven times, the word "I", which only happens in this paragraph, but not in other countries.

Means the invitation to pray, and focus on phone calls. The word "Jesus" means a request or begging, and aims to achieve things, useful things, or to avoid risk. It is believed that a petition asking them to meet demand, the focus of his summit meeting prayer requirements.

Sebagaiman interpretation of another discussion, this means, mamlukiyah ubudiyah, the nature of the property. This means that each attribute appears in the enslaved people of God. Ownership is no different God. Ownership of the property, God is absolutely true, and unless it is relative, not real.

Since there is no God, is not entitled to absolute monarchy. What is Abdul example: a wife and children, wealth, status and so on. It has its own born and internal organs. All returns must be returned to the owners of the absolute, that is God.

All this shows that there is no property, but with the consent of God, even if not being an employee with him. God can not allow all of us certainly will not exist. Ultimately, that should make us physically and psychologically, and feelings. He who created all, to determine their own destiny.

This clearly shows that the wall of Almighty God issues among themselves, people and include: wife, children, friends, wealth, and the right attitude, and others. Therefore, this shows that God is in us than any of our news. Not only is closed to almost absolute. This means that the meaning of his words:

"We are closer to him than you, but you do not see" (Al Waqi'ah: 85)

"We are close to him than his jugular vein on his neck." (BC: 16)

"To know that Allah is the barrier between man and his heart." Al-Anfal: 24)

His slaves were owned by real estate. Property requires that all measures must be in accordance with his will, no veil. This suggests that prayer can pray to God mengijabah, to alleviate suffering and meet their needs, and so on. Since the absolute ownership, his knowledge and energy to cover all the fate of fate, but not limited to others and not, as pointed out by the Jewish people:

"God created things to determine their fate, then sempurnalah his case, bonds terlepaslah control of the new regime by the decision of it, so it is no longer removed, Bada and approval of prayer because it is over problems.

Not, as some Muslims say: ". Allah and his servant aside any action" This is a statement Qadariyah orangt, the Messenger of Allah called Majusinya country. They said in an interview: "It is Qadariyah majusinya country."

So, not everything is separate from the ownership of God and His will. Therefore, this event does not happen without authorization, he will, despite the fact that we work hard to find. This is the meaning of the word of God Almighty:

"Oh, my God, you need God, God is the one who is rich and worthy of praise." (Fathir: 15)

The explanation is that all are included in the law, including prayer ijabahnya. On the grounds of the decision, leading prayers and asked diijabah. Staff member to pray to God, who tawadhu "and humility, prayer and the official reason he approach and come near to God that he should lead diijabah prayer. This is the meaning of his words:" I pray to mengijabah pray for me. "

(From the interpretation of the balance of aluminum, aluminum Baqarah: 186)

Approved restrictions that appear Allameh Tabatabai prayer rituals to pray, pray conditions ijabahnya.

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Terms of prayer and Ijabahnya

First: If pure
Literature and the case should be asking for baptism, especially in prayer after prayer.

Ashes of Imam Jafar Sadeq (AS) for Musammi ":" ah, Musammi, what prevents a person who suffers when it is in this world, go to the mosque to pray two, and then pray to God to hear what God Almighty says: "ask for help, patience and prayer." (Tafseer al Ayyasyi 01:43)

Second: Charity bears the perfume and went to mosque

Ash said he got Jafar Sadeq (AS): "If my father's intentions, saying that first love, perfume, go to the mosque." (Al adequate 2:347)

Third: Prayer

The first two weeks of Faith disunnahkan prayer:

Ashes of Imam Jafar Sadeq (AS): "Reform of the shower and wudhu'nya, then pray two to improve the bow, kowtow, and praise the Almighty God in his face and read and then prayed with hajatnya this. so, I look good in his way for those who sincerely look forward to, it is not lost "(Biharul Anwar 1993: 314, interview, 20) ..

Four: Read Basmalah
Before the name of Allah must be read, compassionate kind of prayer.
The Messenger of Allah said: "We will not be accepted prayer, starting with the name of God, the Merciful" (Biharul Anwar, 93:313)

V: Glory be to God Almighty
Praise God and unity of approach identified Almighty God, self, to prove that he is not only of others. For those who want to beg for the faith of God Almighty in this world of things and future generations, he should praise God for His grace and support before prayer. Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS) to:

"Glory to Allah, most importantly, who praise him miss, why, in addition to his grace" (politics, sermon 157)

Ashes of Imam Jafar Sadeq (AS). If any of you expect hajatnya, he should glorify God "(2:352 aluminum enough, talk to 6)

The man of God who prepared the gift of hope and praise him a rich reward those who are tempted.

God's messenger:
"Who has their Glory to God, God will give him more than people's expectations, those who seek" (translation ibn Abi is the rhetoric of iron, jld 6:190)

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