Friday Prayer

By the name of Allah the Most Compassionate and Merciful

O Allah, convey blessings to the Prophet and his family

Praise be to God, the beginning before creation and livelihood, the End after the extinction of all, the All-Knowing, What Not To forget those who remember Him,
No Adverse people who thanked her, What Not Disappointing people who begged him, that do not Deciding hope people mengharapNya

O Allah I ask for your testimony and ask saksiAku suffice thee as thy testimony of all the angels of heaven and the bearers of Your throne-Muserta which you raised as a prophet and apostles thy and that you created from a variety of creatures MuAku testify, Thou art God, no God except You, Single Association and Not Your BertaraFirman unchanged not changed and that Muhammad PBUH hemba Thy and Thy Apostle, he fulfilled what you charge him for all the servants, he fought in Allah's way with the real jihad, he give the glad tidings about the true reward, he was threatened with punishment of the real.

Yes AllahTeguhkan me in thy religion as long as you turn it on akuJanganlah gelincirkan my heart after you show the true grace of sisiMuSungguh akuKaruniakan me, Thou art the Supreme Giver.

Give blessings to Muhammad and the family of Muhammad

Set me of followers and faction

Gather me in his group

Lead me to carry out the obligations of Friday, which you have enjoined upon me to obey me and you share the gift on the day of vengeance on those who deserve it.

Truly, You are the brave and the Wise

This prayer is the prayer of Imam Ali Zainal Abidin (sa), one of his grandson of the Prophet.

(Book Mafâtihul Jinan, keys of Paradise, chapter 1, article 3)

Tek tek arab and latin reading this prayer can be copied from the mailing "happy family" or lists "prayed the prayer" below.

Yours respectfully

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