Monday Prayer

With asthma Allah, the Compassionate and Merciful
O Allah, convey blessings to the Prophet and his family Praise be to Allah, who created the heavens and the earth without a witness, who held a creature without a maid
No partner in His Ilahiyat, there is no equal in His oneness
Tongue-tied-NyaLemah reveal the nature of reason to think makrifat-NyaMerendah all authorities because prowess NyaRebah all-in-face for fear NyaJatuh all that great because of his greatness

For thy all successive pujaPuja never-putusShalawat and greetings to His Messenger, greeting abadiYa eternal God, and teach good beginning today, pertengahannya glory, and pamungkasnya profit
I take refuge in Thee from the beginning days of fear, pertengahannya anxiety, and sadness pamungkasnya

O Allah, I ask for forgiveness on-Muatas kunazarkan all vow that, for all the promise that I promised, for any contract that kuakadkan, then not at thy kupenuhi

I beg on-Muperihal ulahku menzalimi MuBila servant is your servant, male and female, who persecuted because kezalimanku on himself and his honor, on his property, the experts and their offspring. Or that kugunjingkan kejelekannya, or who kusengsarakan because lust, contempt, arrogance, riya and ethnicity, which is present and who disappeared, the living and the dead
Then my hand is weak, narrow strength, to restore their rights, and asked kerelaannya.Karena that, I ask for in thee, O Master of all lavatory The intent who are called by His will fulfill the intention of rushing him Iradat
Give blessings to Muhammad and the family of Muhammad
Ridhakan him to me with what you kehendakiBerikan me from Thyself rakhmatAmpunan will not reduce your majesty, grace will not meyusutkan thy greatness, O Most love of all who love

O Allah, grant me this Monday two pleasures: the beginning obey thy happiness, on pamungkasnya: will pardon Thy pleasure,
O He Who is the only Lord addition that can give him no mercy

This prayer is the prayer of Imam Ali Zainal Abidin (sa), one of his grandson of the Prophet.

(Book Mafâtihul Jinan, keys of Paradise, chapter 1, article 3)

Prayer Sunday, following tek tek Arabic and Latin reading this prayer can be copied from the mailing "happy family" or lists "prayed the prayer" below.

Yours respectfully

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