Prayer and Advice for Getting Children

Prayer and Advice for Getting Children -Maybe some of us who do not have children despite many years of marriage and old age already dawning. Prophet Zakaria and his wife too. They have also had children and even long-married before the age of senility.

But the Prophet Zakariya pray as narrated in the Qur'an, the letter Ali 'Imran verse 38:

"That's where Zakariya pray to his Lord saying:" My Lord, grant me from Thee a progeny that is. Thou art He that heareth prayer "[Ali 'Imran: 38]

Transliteration his prayer as follows: "Robbi hablii milladunka dzurriyyatan thoyyibah. Innaka sami'ud du'a '"

Shortly after the prophet Zechariah said that prayer, God opened their eyes to give a child:

"Then the angel Gabriel called Zakaria, while he was standing praying in the sanctuary. He said: "Verily Allah encouraging you with the birth of a son named John, that justified a sentence that comes from God, a follow-up, refraining from the passions and a prophet of the people who are pious." [Ali 'Imran: 39]

Zakaria to be surprised because he was very old was his wife was barren:

He said: "My Lord, how I can get a child when I was very old and my wife was a barren?." He will say: "Thus, God do what He wills." [Ali 'Imran: 40] Prayer of Prophet Ibrahim to Obtain a child:

Robi hablii minash shoolihiin

"My Lord, anugrahkanlah me (a child) who are among the righteous." [Ash Shaaffaat 100]

After that God gave the child:

"So We gave him the khabar happy with a child who is very patient" [Ash Shaaffaat 101]

Of course, in addition to pray we shall endeavor. I used to have time to worry is when after a time in junior high baligh mumps disease. I have time to read (rightly or not) if suffering from the disease after balligh be barren. But thank God it turns out God endowed children.

Some advice I can give (believe it or not) is if you or your partner smokes, try to stop. In addition to the packs of cigarettes called smoking can cause impotence and disorders of the fetus, some people I see do not have children is indeed a strong smoker. There is also a strong smoker who had many children, but one's resistance to the effects of smoking it is different.

Then try to drink 2 tablespoons of honey every morning and night. Keep the original honey like Honey Boy Scouts (because a lot of "Honey" is false from the palm sugar). The characteristics of the original honey, ants are less liked, and when opened, especially after shaking (should not be shaken), he would read "ploh" as there is gas in it. Sometimes even overflowing.

As word of God, honey it is a drug that can cure diseases including your barren:

"... From the belly the bees were out drink (honey) that a variety of colors, in which there is healing for human beings ..." [An Nahl: 69]

Then try to run in the morning for your muscles stronger, longer breath, and fitter. Try if you and your partner take time off work, especially in the fertile period (first week after your period was over) so that did not experience fatigue due to work.

Sorry if it is a bit vulgar, but as advice is pretty important. Try to position "deep." I will not elaborate too much. If you do not understand, try to ask the people closest to you (Muhrim) are better understood.

Try the sperm can flow into and met ovum by adjusting the position of a woman's body such as the anus with a pillow prop (lower chest of the rectum). Usually after Fajr prayer is the best time in which your condition is really still fresh.

You have to try every day. If you need 2 to 4 times a day.

Then if you want to set if we want a boy or a girl, maybe we can do as follows. Indeed Allah is Oft determine. But there's no harm in us as human beings seek.

From various articles I read, if we often eat eggs, then the child who was born most likely female. And indeed when I got the girls, before I eat eggs almost every day (I do not know why).

Then if you want boys, multiply eating fish and the salty-salty (but do not overdo it so you do not high blood). When I wanted to get the boy was deliberately I often ask my wife to cook fish. And in the office of my also choose fish for lunch. Praise God mengkaruniakan my son so that my child be a pair.

If it does according to his theory, strengthen egg sperm cell that determines the female sex, is to strengthen fish sperm cells for men. Regarding the truth wallahu a'lam showab bish. But that's what I do and I have experienced.

If if all that effort has not produced results, you can care for orphans. Do not need all the way, maybe your own nephew or other relative. If no, the new orphan who has no family relationship with you.

Pahala care for orphans is very large as illustrated hadiths below:

Prophet Muhammad SAW said: "I and caregivers of orphans (one day) in heaven as these two fingers." (Narrated by Bukhari). Explanation: (of the Prophet. Pointing the index finger and middle finger and pressed both).

Prophet Muhammad said: "By that sent me to the right, God will punish those who love and care of orphans, spoke to her softly and loving orphanhood and weaknesses, and not being arrogant with what God gave him to neighbors. For the one who sent me to the right, God will not accept alms that have a relative in need santunannya'm alms were given to others. For the sake of my soul in his hand, know God will not look at him (pay attention) later in the day of Judgement. (Narrated Ath-Thabrani)

There was a long time my brother has not got a child after marriage. Finally my mother told him to give alms to children at an orphanage orphans by feeding and also money to each will be orphaned minimally. Before long, thank God their first child was born. And now after a second child. God willing, believing prayer, such as the cleric or even orphans are still holy Allah heard his prayer.

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