Prayer for Mother Father / Parent

Prayer for Mother Father / Parent - Indeed services of our parents are innumerable. Our mother pregnant for 9 months later gave birth to us with the risk of lives have been lost. When we were still helpless baby, they give us a drink and the food. When we waste water, without cleaning their disgust us with great love. We are given clothes and also education.

They were patient with our anger, whining, delinquency, perhaps even when we were kids / toddlers never beat them. They still love us. So if you feel annoyed with them, especially if they are so old that behaved like a kid again, remember they had patience when dealing with us. For those who already have children of course know about the fussiness of children who need patience from parents.

Are we able to respond? Even if our parents are so powerless to dispose of our water clean, it will not be the same. Parents cleanse us with love and hope that we survive and longevity. While the child when doing the same thing may be frowned and asked when "test" it will end.

That's it. As the saying goes, "Love of children throughout the body, a mother's love along the way" It can not be compared.

Therefore we should be devoted to our parents. At a minimum we pray for them:

If the son of Adam's death gave up his credit except the three that is sodaqoh jariyah, teaching and dissemination of knowledge exploited for other people, and children who pray. (Narrated by Muslim)

If we do not pray for our parents, then gave up our sustenance:

If a left praying for his parents it will be disconnected sustenance. (Narrated by Ad-Dailami)

Therefore, as a dutiful son should we always pray for our father and mother. Among the prayers to the parents listed in the Qur'an are as follows:

"And humble yourselves against them both with great pet and say:

Robbirhamhumaa kamaa robbayaanii shoghiiroo

"O my Lord, love them both, as they both have to educate me a little." [al-Israa ': 24]

Robbanaghfir lii wa lii waalidayya wa lilmu’miniina yawma yaquumul hisaab

"Our Lord, give me ampunlah and both my father and the mother of all believers on the day of reckoning (the Day of Resurrection)." [Ibrahim: 41]

Robbighfir lii wa li waalidayya wa li man dakhola baytiya mu’minan wa lilmu’miniina wal mu’minaati wa laa tazidizh zhoolimiina illa tabaaro

"O my Lord! Forgive me, my parents, who come into my house with the faithful and all those who believe men and women. And Thou no increase for those who do wrong that in addition to destruction. "[Nuh: 28]

Robbighfir lii wa li waalidayya warhamhumaa kamaa robbayaanii shoghiiroo

"O my Lord! Forgive me, my parents and love them both, as they both have to educate me a little. "

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