Sunday Day of Prayer

With asthma Allah the Most Compassionate and Merciful
O Allah, convey blessings to the Prophet and his family

With God asthma
I do not expect except the gift of His
I do not fear justice unless his
I do not believe except his word
I do not except the rope Hold Him
You I take refuge, O Owner Rida and Mercy
dam of tyranny hostility
from the time of disaster
of sadness runs
of a series of misfortunes
of the expiration period - before ready
I take refuge in Thee from the whisperings of the devil ya Rabbi
I shelter in thy power from the tyranny of the sultan
Accept what is the prayer and shaumku
Make the day and afterwards esokku better than now and days
Give glory to my family and my people!
Keep watch and my sleep
You are God's Best Guards
Thou art the Most Merciful of all who love
O Allah, I am innocent of this myself on my day and on days
thereafter from polytheism and disbelief
I ikhlaskan my prayers, hoping for your approval
I have always obeyed thy expect a reply
Limpahkan prosperous to Muhammad
and the family of Muhammad as well as possible Thy creatures
which calls on the greatness of thy
Honour me with Thy glory that never extinct, guard
me with thine eyes that never sleeps
Close to do with dependence on thy
Close my age with thy maghfirah
Truly, You are All-Forgiving and Most Merciful

This prayer is the prayer of Imam Ali Zainal Abidin (sa), one of his grandchildren
Messenger of Allah.
(Book Mafâtihul Jinan, keys of Paradise, chapter 1, article 3)

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Yours respectfully

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