Thursday Prayer

By the name of Allah the Most Compassionate and Merciful

O Allah, convey blessings to the Prophet and his family

Praise be to Allah, The Chase away the dark night with His nature
Who Delivers the bright afternoon by His grace
What Menutupku with its light, and bring me his blessings

O Allah, as You preserved me in this afternoon, preserve me on another day like this

Convey blessings to the Prophet Muhammad and his family

Do You celakakan me today and another night or day
with the forbidden deeds and despicable behavior
Give me kindness, and goodness in it whatever
Palingkan me anything kejelekannya and ugliness ugliness in it and any subsequent

O Allah, with the protection of Islam, in thee I tawasul
with the glory of the Qur'an, I rely on thy
by Muhammad al-Mustafa SAW, I beg your help

O Allah, give me protection by which I hoped to achieve hajatku, O the Beloved of all who love

O God, set me on Thursday, five things that can not be achieved except by his kindness, which do not tergapai except with kenikmatanMu:

Strengthen safety in thy obedience
Worship that ensures an abundance of thy reward
Flexibility because the halal food
You tenteramkan I'm in a place of fear with your protection
You protect me from the upset-ridden with thy fortress.

Convey blessings on the Prophet and his family

Make tawasulku to her intercession that is useful in day kiamah

Truly, You are the Beloved of all who love.

This prayer is the prayer of Imam Ali Zainal Abidin (sa), one of his grandson of the Prophet.

(Book Mafâtihul Jinan, keys of Paradise, chapter 1, article 3)

Tek tek arab and latin reading this prayer can be copied from the mailing "happy family" or lists "prayed the prayer" below.

Yours respectfully

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