Tuesday Prayer

With asthma Allah, the Most Compassionate and Merciful

O Allah, convey blessings to Muhammad and the family of Muhammad

Praise be to Allah, praise his rights, his own praise that many

I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of myself, really lust told the bad except that my God loved

I seek refuge in Allah from the evil demons that add to my sins
I seek refuge in Allah from all the tyrants, the rebellious, from all enemies of the dominant, of all the cruel ruler.

Ya Allah

Make me among thy troops because troops who might receive the victory.
Make me among partaiMu, because partaiMu who earn victory
Make me among the lover-lover, because your boyfriend who did not get anxiety and sadness

Ya Allah

Baikkan my religion, because that's the back of my business

Baikkan akhiratku, because that's kembaliku village, a place to run away from crime

Make life a place to add goodness,

Make a break from the ugliness of death

Ya Allah

Give blessings to Muhammad cover and perfection of the messengers, the family is good and holy, to his companions who was elected

Give me on Tuesday, three things:

Do not let the sins except You forgive myself
Do not let the trouble unless you get rid of me
Do not let the enemy unless you put out myself

With asthma Allah, the Best of asthma
With asthma God, the Lord of Heaven and Earth Management

I beg each of hatred that stem ditolakkan wrath

I beg given any love for the base ridhoNya

End my life with forgiveness

O Owner of all goodness

This prayer is the prayer of Imam Ali Zainal Abidin (sa), one of his grandson of the Prophet.

(Book Mafâtihul Jinan, keys of Paradise, chapter 1, article 3)

Tek tek arab and latin reading this prayer can be copied from the mailing "happy family" or lists "prayed the prayer" below.

Yours respectfully

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