Marhaban ya Ramadhan SMS collection 2011

Now is the month of Ramadan is full of wisdom of all our deeds will be accepted if we practice sincerely.
Putaw as white, clear vodka, greeting teriring smelled marijuana, with a smile semaqnis RED WINE "PLEASE SORRY FOR ANY SIN! I said MET WITH SINCERELY WELCOME THE HOLY MONTH RAMADHAN "
Life is just sebentarlagi
mad minute, minute laugh
Betar moneyed, briefly boke
happy moment, difficult moment
ooo ye ... minute longer fasting month
Happy Ramadan ... sorry emotional and physical
(This is the most wonderful greeting which I received)
Tabang surang Buruang sparrow, Datuk Maringgih iyolah Kayo. Now puaso ne come, jan Lupo forgive the ambo, Wassalam: Marhaban ya Ramadhan.
Ramadan SMS collection 2011
SMG will not prnh no mistake lg yg u dmaknai negligent timeout there keikhlasn SLG memaafkn ht u .. so sorry 4 evrything .. Wish bless our 4JJI RAMADHAN.
Ass ww. Kase fabric edge bushel. To filter the milk cow. Sudahpun coming fasting month. One mistaken please forgive. Wslm
Indeed ELU my Best Buddy
GAK kerasa until sometimes arbitrarily
I NgAtAiN NgEjEkIn Lu Lue n arbitrarily
I do not mean NgErEnDaHiN MaAfiN
Precisely because Lue is like
part of me
MET fasting Yes!
Ramadan SMS collection 2011
MTV said that if MO'm waiting widths maap g ush
Wise org blg kalo min maap first term is
Ust. Org blg Jefri saucy mnt maap gk ordered PRL
Kyai blg org honestly be embarrassed to ask Ga maap
Because Mrs. jd kids hang out an honest, cute and cool baek
Yes I ngucapin minal aidzin wal faizin, apologize born And mind ..
Walopun operators busy n 'sms pending continued,
Our whole family still kekeuh say
Selamat Idul Fitri, apologize born and inner
Happy Days ... ...,
Let's forgive We love each other n ...
I know you've done a lot wrong and sinful to me, often borrowed
n duit ngembaliin Ga, Ga pake motor gasoline never content, but do not
`t worry lah ... I forgive you. ..
ten fingers neatly arranged.
jasmine fragrances liver
please maap wholeheartedly
please maap outer and inner (~ _ ^)
Ramadan SMS collection 2011
Marhaban ya Ramadhan,
I hope this month is full of fuel (Month Barokah and Maghfirah)
let PREMIUM (Pre Eating and Drinking)
and SOLAR (prayer More Diligent), and
KEROSENE (Increasing Faith and Many Hold Lust Anger)
and PERTAMAX (Fight disposition Maksiat)
Sorry Born and Bathin
Before HCl so base, so acid NaOH, NaCl so sweet n so salty glucose, liver tertengadah always expect an apology from the buret titration heart. Marhaban Ya Ramadhan
Ramadan SMS collection 2011
People looking ugly people.
elo my ugly-looking.
Lebaran dah dateng
maafin so i jek
Hopefully in the month of Ramadan we can beningkan hearts like XL,
Can think big like SYMPATHY,
forgiveness is cuma2 like the U.S.,
provide many opportunities such as IM3,
smiling like a thumb,
& The palingg important we think bright seeprti MENTARI interchangeable.
Before the divine light extinguished,
before the sky collapsed,
repent before the door closed,
before the angels pick up,
before Ramadan arrives,
sorry if there are words injurious to the ear as hot as ESIA .

If the liver is often irritated,
Make it clear, as clear as XL,
If the liver is often envious,
Make it bright as bright MENTARI,
If the liver is often revenge
Make it full of romance FREN
If the liver is often spiteful
Make it a full SYMPATHY
Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya Ramadhan Marhaban Wa
Deliver Yourself from roaming sin,
Reach HOKI
Reach for the thumb of Ilahy
Although the heart not clear and bright as MENTARI XL. Many err is made
FREN disappointed, I ask you for FREE SYMPATHY her from sin and our roaming
all thumbs can only lift Him who always makes us HOKI
in finding a U.S. card as long as we live because we have to flexible to
receive all of the gift and live this life MATRIX ... and hopefully
charity we do not ESIA-ESIA .. SORRY PLEASE spiritual and physical
Heart is not clear & bright MENTARI XL. Many who blunder for FREN disappointed, I ask your sympathy to free himself from sin during life roaming. Because we have to flexible to accept the gift. Allow me to recharge it from me sorry. Marhaban YAA RAMADHAN.
child eating frog diamond, the fasting month and mo come .. bilangin into his frog yes yes ... hehehe marhaban ramadhan.
let's download the many reward, while Allah provides acces Speedy the holy month, open ports are sorry, at the gateway ramadhan, marhaban yes
Ramadan SMS collection 2011

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